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Save money & time

How many times you wanted to eat whatever you like, but refused to do it? If it makes you happy just do it, you may still eat your favorite cookies. We will take care of the rest.

Have fun in the kitchen

Did you know that the easiest way to eat healthfully is to cook at home? We understand that without basic knowledge it’s not that easy to make the best choice of what should we eat. Live happy with a fully personalized nutrition plan of your choice and enjoy your meals.

Don’t bother about grocery

We know how much time we spend in the grocery shops and to prevent it, just enjoy your time having your list ordered to your home. Remember that we will order only the ingredients that you need because we fully believe in Zero Waste.

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Frequently asked questions

Take as many pixel-perfect UI elements as you want and style them the way you need in a fraction of the time.

Basically, we focus on you. It means that you would receive meals and diets based on your preferences. Don’t you like carrots? No problem you won’t see any meal that includes carrots; that’s just the beginning.

You receive only meals and diets that suit your preferences, because who likes to eat what we don’t like. Secondly, you would be able to order groceries to your home and within the weight that you need, so you would save money by not wasting food. As a last… We will keep it secret for now, but it’s going to be huge.

We are going to operate in US market for now, but we have a plan for expansion to EU in the short future.

No, our application will be free to use, but some of the functionality will be available only in monthly subscription.

We are going to release our first version (in development mode) in the first part of 2023.

Please contact with us on and we will try to provide you as much information as we can.

Waiting list

We hardly working to deliver our app, we are on the last line. Stay tuned! Leave us your email and we will reach you as it will be ready with a starter gift from us.

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